PRC Vendor Letter

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Dear Vendor,

Thank you for becoming a vendor with the Fairfield County Job & Family Services PRC Program. This letter details the forms necessary to accept you or your company as a vendor and the process for payment once a voucher is issued.

To be a vendor with the Fairfield County Job& Family Services PRC Program, our agency needs the following three forms completed and returned:

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification - IRS Form W-9

OPERS Independent Contractor Acknowledgement

These forms are included with this letter. Please be certain to complete all forms in their entirety, including the signature lines, as failing to complete the forms fully will delay payment.

Once these forms are complete and returned to the agency, I will add your information into our PRC Issuance Program, allowing our agency to issue a voucher to you as payment for a particular bill for a customer. It is important to note that completing and returning these forms does not guarantee payment for a particular individual. Customers requesting PRC must be eligible and approved prior to voucher issuance.

Once a voucher is issued to you, instructions for receiving payment are outlined on the voucher itself. You, as the vendor, must sign the bottom left portion of the voucher and return it, along with a bill or invoice to Fairfield County Job & Family Services. Vouchers are processed each week. Once your voucher is processed, it is sent to the Finance Department and then on to the County Auditor’s Office. Payment is typically received within three weeks from the time I receive it in my office.

If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 740-652-7657 or email at [email protected] .

Again, thank you for being a vendor with Fairfield County’s PRC Program.


Molly Thomas